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A Different Approach

MainJoy Unlimited Inc. strives to fulfill a need for labor to the agriculture industry by providing cost effective, quality service with a reliable and dedicated workforce.

Our desire is to provide leadership to create a successful team that aggressively approaches each job with efficient, safety-conscious value.

We aim to maintain a relationship with our customers and employees that will be beneficial to all as we continue to uphold a basic process in the feeding of America.

Setting The Standard

Setting quality standards, MainJoy has been one of the largest advocates and role models for creating a set of rules and guidelines for poultry handling and transportation across the industry.

MainJoy Unlimited is dedicated to treating America's poultry with care. They intend on passing down their knowledge, procedures and value through their co-created basic process of animal production.

Safety First

Safety First!

MainJoy Unlimited puts a high priority on worker safety. All MainJoy employees attend an annual OSHA safety meeting presided over by OSH Solutions. At this meeting the employees discuss safety issues relating to their job duties. While on the job site each employee is encouraged to report any unsafe condition or concerns they encounter.

MainJoy works with well maintained equipment. This alleviates stress and injury to the poultry being handled. It also avoids an unsafe environment for the employee. "Protecting people, poultry and profits."

A single egg contains 70 calories and supplies 13% of the Daily Reference Value for protein, providing mind and body with energy for big days.
- IncredibleEgg.com

With over 30 years of combined experience, MainJoy Unlimited has been delivering exceptional, quality service to the agriculture industry on the Northeastern US.

MainJoy's expertise entails unloading day-old baby chicks into nursery houses. At approximately 18 weeks of age, these young birds are transferred by MainJoy employees from the nursery house to a building designed to gather, wash and refrigerate the eggs. MainJoy also handles poultry from production facilities where the poultry will be processed for consumption.

However, our expertise is not limited to the poultry house; Identifying and solving needs within our industry has also been a passion of ours, resulting in a number of products invented to aid and benefit the modern poultry farmer. Please take a moment to explore our website, and discover more about our company, our services, and our people.

Parafos is designed to protect your system from corrosion, iron staining and buildup of lime scale. Give MainJoy Unlimited a call for free quotes for anything from treating your well water to stopping your nipple drinkers from dripping. For turnkey systems with meters, pumps and products we have it all.

We are a PHT Poultry Handling Company, Orienting Poultry through the Process

See what PHT certification means and how you can get certified.

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